Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How Your Lifestyle?

True, how your lifestyle?
Here I present lifestyle is good and highly recommended.

  1. "Both ends meet bedtime" Ages ago, people slept for 9 hours in one day. However, people who sleep less than 7 hours, this trend associated with decreased mental health of most people. Therefore you get yourself to sleep in one day for 8-10 hours each night to help the brain to recover completely.

  1. "Walk" Just 90 minutes a week can make your body and your brain to keep it fresh.

  1. "Expand social relations" our ancestors the famous are not easily hurt. One reason our forefathers very happy if you enjoy a meal with fruit or 50-100 people. With so may lower the height of selfishness that one reason for the disruption of mental health.
    Only 3?
    Why not, maybe there are many other ways?
    Should your question, "Is it enough"?
    Sure enough. (than nothing).

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