Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gambling opportunities are minimal and recommended to STOP!

Gambling is an alternative way to earn money and a lot shorter.
But I believe gambling is forbidden in any religion. Those who gamble are those who only know winning and losing, but it is not as simple as this. To get the victory is not that easy for those who know.
You already know? If not I tell you.

Real gamble is to realize the dream of "opportunity" to win a reality. But the "opportunity" is what makes me not interested in gambling. Let's go back to school, where there is learning about the opportunities. In short odds is the sample space divided by the incident.
Want to calculate your chances of winning?

  1. For example a dice, the sample space has 6, 6 derived from the number of eyes on the dice (1,2,3,4,5,6) how the sample space for gambling that you're living?
  2. If you believe the dice 5 appeared on the first pitch, then it happened. So the incident appeared with spots 5 on a dice is 1 (because in a dice there is only one figure 5).
  3. you already know the scene and then divide the number of sample space scene with the existing 1:6 sample chamber. description: 1 = eye dice 5 / events, 6 = sample space.
That's an example for a cube that has a little bit about how the sample chamber with sample space gamble more than 1,000?

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