Friday, October 21, 2011

Why We Feel Pain When Beaten?

When you have a healthy child, of course you will be very proud.
He ran, singing, and playing with their peers.
Not unexpectedly returned to the condition of your child being hit by his friend crying.
Amid the sobs of your child, he asks "what if I hit it hurt?"
As a father, how do you answer?
Can you answer a question like this?
If not, here you will find the answer.

To answer this question go back into your memories when you are in school.
Do you remember in biology class? about nerves? if you remember, of course you know about the sensory neurons, intermediates and motor neurons.

The order of why we feel pain, to more easily
Stimulation of pain -> organ -> sensory neuron cell -> intermediates -> motor neuron-> muscle and glands -> sick

Written explanation.
When your child is beaten, it will blow on the skin (organ) and then sent to the stimulation of sensory neurons and motor neurons and intermediate and final results glands and muscle pain then that makes your child cry.

Not too long explanation not it?
Hopefully the answer is to make your child stop crying.

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