Friday, October 21, 2011

How a UFO?

UFO is a word we often hear when talking about space or aliens.

There are those who believe in the existence ofUFOs some are not.
And this time without siding any party I try to participate in this matter. Here I am not so interested in digging deeper into this issue. I just people who want to cite the work of Muhammad Isa Daud in his book "Antichrist will arise from the Bermuda triangle" of the workings ofUFOs are described on pages 167-168.

"Without my knowing it, my hands sticky. A moment later, the earth getting away with incredible speed that it is impossible to imagine. Even more surprising, I do not feel any effects at incredible speeds sari who flew the plane. In fact I felt as if the plane it does not move, but the earth and the scenery that's going away. the effect on me, at the time the plane was flying, was up before me glittering city ofLuz Crose bottom left corner of the entrance plane is transformed into nodes. When I assert my experience that we reached an altitude of 3300 feet in an instant, in 2 or 3 seconds, I think it is impossible not to feel incredible speed when I ride. I felt did not control myself and not wait to ask the reasons I do not feel something of that extraordinary speed. Then the same voice answered my question ".
Impetus propelling the aircraft in a high speed about the same as the gravitational field.
gravitational field not only affects the outer wall of the atoms of the plane, even affecting the atoms of the object that is inside my body aircraft such as pilots and other tourists in it like you. This energy remains in compliance with the masses, given the gravity of the earth work on aircraft structures and what was inside without reduced.
Beginning of energy between the seat and the body is fixed, but has one limitation. This energy is reduced because of reduced gravity field. When the distance that separates between the plane and the sphere of the earth increases, in connection with travel between the stars, the more distant of the planets and centers of gravity, as well as calculated by the calculation of light-years away, it is important to make an artificial gravitational field.

Then, the voice continued explanation and perfect explanation, or comment on the last paragraph. Because he knew that surprise me, "We set up half the power of gravity." Above the city of New York plane was humble and reduce the height of the previous reach 32,000 feet. "

That's more or less quotes taken from the book by David Muhammad Isa.
Hopefully increase our knowledge of all.

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