Friday, October 21, 2011

Uniquely Human Habit of all the Earth

Have you ever sat for a moment?
then thought, what a shame that things be done by everyone?
Regardless he is a president or even religious figures.
Of course not breathe, eat, sleep, and so forth that have been commonly known to us.
"Habit Unique" can you prove it wherever and whenever you want.
Interestingly again, could do with a very easy way.
Here's the steps to uncover whether the unique habits of the entire human earth.

1. Prepare food that has gravy (instant noodle soup).
2. Serve to your friends.
3. Consider your friends while stirring the food.

This is the "Unique Habits" is.
When food that has stirred the gravy, they will swallow their own saliva.

You do not believe it?
Prove it!

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