Thursday, November 10, 2011

You Believe in God?

A light conversation between me and my friends in the evening a rather dark.
Our current topic is about god and I had 5 seconds silence and made ​​no comment to this story.

One day there was a man who wanted to cut her hair at her favorite salon.
In the middle of the hair cutting process going dialogue between the person cutting your hair with it.
The hair cutter: sir, whether you believe in God?
asking: What is it sir?
The hair cutter (in a tone of complete confidence): I do not believe it, try you see a beggar at the door of my salon and then you see me. I am the owner of this salon, my money abundant even I could pay some people to work in this salon, but the beggar, let you see. Could he fed my dog ​​at home 3 times in one day? No way! In conclusion, if indeed God exists God will not let this happen difference.
Listen to the explanation of the cutting someone's hair is just silent. like any other customer after getting hair neat he paid then left.
A moment later someone came to the salon again bring shabby-looking homeless man with long hair and very different from one's hair is neat.
There was more dialogue here.
(shouting) someone: I do not believe in cutting hair in the world.
Cutting hair: your hair right now is the work of master barber.
Someone: if the barber does really exist, let's see the barber who I take it. look at her hair, very untidy, dirty, dull and unsightly. but just look at me, all people on earth know that my hair is neat.
Barbers still only hear the opinion of someone then fell and cried.

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Beginning Of Facebook

Owner facebook crowned the young billionaire.
Because the results of his own sweat.
Like what facebook history itself?

It turned out early in the virtual world facebook is a site link Harvard students, there are many who like him, he boldly followed his senior, Bill Gates, dropped out of Harvard to develop the site into facebook that we know today.

Who would have thought facebook was only sites worldwide now connecting students?

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Differences in Intelligence, Intelligence, Creativity, and Innovative.

you smart?
or you're smart?
You may include a creative person?
or whether you are the "innovative" it?
do you know a noticeable difference to the four positive things above?
he's the short answer,

Intelligence is your ability to absorb information.
Intelligence is the ability to manage intelligence.
Creativity is the ability to make a difference.
Innovative is the ability to find commercial value of creativity.

very different is not it?

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Who Created The Alphabet For The Blind.

I am truly amazed by louis braille.
Well, get on with it.

Louis Braille suffered damage to one eye when she was 3 years old. At that time he accidentally stabbed himself with his hole-maker from his father's tools. Then the other eye affected by sympathetic ophthalmia, a type of infection that occurs because of damage to the eyes of others. Blindness does not deter her, she created the Braille alphabet so that helps a blind person can read. Now who does not know Braille alphabet?

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why Einstein Stuck Out His Tongue in One Picture?

Have you ever seen Einstein poses that are sticking out his tongue?
Do you know why?

As her birthday many paparazzi who wanted to cover this great genius.
So many Einstein was uncomfortable with such conditions is then a short story of Einstein left them.
In the midst of his departure was in poorer Einstein barrier in the way by a number of paparazzi but ended up with Einstein's energy could escape as well.
When Einstein up the car, Einstein turned and stuck out his tongue as an expression of derision that the paparazzi did not managed to catch it.
But there is one that perpetuates the moment.
Then after Einstein knew about the photo turns out Einstein personally liked it.
Then he enlarge the picture to focus on Einstein's face and then he distributed to his friends.
Just added a complete picture of the photo is a photo of Einstein's family in the car.

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