Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why Einstein Stuck Out His Tongue in One Picture?

Have you ever seen Einstein poses that are sticking out his tongue?
Do you know why?

As her birthday many paparazzi who wanted to cover this great genius.
So many Einstein was uncomfortable with such conditions is then a short story of Einstein left them.
In the midst of his departure was in poorer Einstein barrier in the way by a number of paparazzi but ended up with Einstein's energy could escape as well.
When Einstein up the car, Einstein turned and stuck out his tongue as an expression of derision that the paparazzi did not managed to catch it.
But there is one that perpetuates the moment.
Then after Einstein knew about the photo turns out Einstein personally liked it.
Then he enlarge the picture to focus on Einstein's face and then he distributed to his friends.
Just added a complete picture of the photo is a photo of Einstein's family in the car.

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