Thursday, November 10, 2011

You Believe in God?

A light conversation between me and my friends in the evening a rather dark.
Our current topic is about god and I had 5 seconds silence and made ​​no comment to this story.

One day there was a man who wanted to cut her hair at her favorite salon.
In the middle of the hair cutting process going dialogue between the person cutting your hair with it.
The hair cutter: sir, whether you believe in God?
asking: What is it sir?
The hair cutter (in a tone of complete confidence): I do not believe it, try you see a beggar at the door of my salon and then you see me. I am the owner of this salon, my money abundant even I could pay some people to work in this salon, but the beggar, let you see. Could he fed my dog ​​at home 3 times in one day? No way! In conclusion, if indeed God exists God will not let this happen difference.
Listen to the explanation of the cutting someone's hair is just silent. like any other customer after getting hair neat he paid then left.
A moment later someone came to the salon again bring shabby-looking homeless man with long hair and very different from one's hair is neat.
There was more dialogue here.
(shouting) someone: I do not believe in cutting hair in the world.
Cutting hair: your hair right now is the work of master barber.
Someone: if the barber does really exist, let's see the barber who I take it. look at her hair, very untidy, dirty, dull and unsightly. but just look at me, all people on earth know that my hair is neat.
Barbers still only hear the opinion of someone then fell and cried.

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