Sunday, November 6, 2011

Benefit Of Insurance

Maybe the word is already familiar to us all. but why do so many of us are not insured?
I am not one employee of any insurance company.
I just wanted to share my limited knowledge about the benefits of insurance.
What I tell here limited only as mere knowledge.
No persuasion or compulsion that you are insured for all decisions in your hands, you are the king.
Quite obvious is not it?

1. Providing security and protection.
Providing security and protection means, by having an insurance policy, the insured will be protected from the possibility of losses arising in the future and become calm his soul because of the insured object is guaranteed by the insurer.

2. Distribution of costs and benefits more fairly.
Distribution of costs and benefits of a more equitable means, the greater the likelihood of the risk of losses incurred, the greater the coverage premium.

3. Giving Certainty.
Provide certainty means, is the main benefit of insurance because insurance is basically trying to reduce the consequences of an uncertain adverse circumstances (Peril), which had previously estimated that the cost or financial consequences of the loss is to be fixed or relative certainty.

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