Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why Food In The Refrigerator, Not Stale Fast?

I've discussed this with my friends. Even then our teacher had to explain it. I remember when it was chemistry and we are discussing the reaction rate.
Leave it to define the reaction rate first. The rate of reaction is the time of normal iron becomes rusty iron. The reader, the above iron just as an example for understanding the reaction rate we can understand easily. Iron above can be replaced with other objects. Since we are discussing right now is food, then the definition of reaction rate is a time of fresh foods become spoiled food. Got it?

Now we already know what the reaction rate. And sooner or later affect the timing of fresh food become stale is the temperature. So if your child, your grandfather, your brother asks "Why not fast food in the refrigerator stale?" Answer with complete confidence and without doubt "Temperature"!

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