Sunday, November 6, 2011

Logic tests, Einstein's work

Getting to know this one figure, Albert Einstein.
He was the inventor of the theory of relativity with a very popular formula.
In addition to the physics genius of Einstein was also found time to write a logic test. The answer to fully test this logic using reasoning and logic.
But it turns out 98% of people on earth could not find the answer.
You Did one of the 2% of humans who could find the answer?
There are 5 houses each have a different color.
1 house occupied one man with a different national from one house to another house.
Each resident likes a certain type of beverage.
Every occupant of cigarettes a certain brand of cigarettes.
Each resident maintains a certain animal species.
No single occupant ever: drink the same beverage type, smoking a cigarette brand
same time, maintaining the same animal species.
The question: "Who cares for fish?"

1. English people staying at home colored red.
2. Swedish people get a dog.
3. Denmark people drink tea.
4. Green house is located next to the white house.
5. The inhabitants of the green house drinks coffee.
6. Dwellers in the middle like drinking milk.
7. Occupants yellow Dunhill cigarettes.
8. People living in Norway at the first house.
9. Residents who smoke cigarettes marlboro residents who live next to cats.
10. Sice live next to Dunhill smoker.
11. Smokers winfill like to drink beer.
12. People Norwegian blue house.
13. Rothmans cigarettes german people.
14. Marlboro smoker next door to the water drinkers.
Please comment to your answer?
You are also allowed to explain your answer.

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